Bobby Henon For City Council

On The Issues


Over his first two terms in City Council, Bobby improved public safety by successfully fighting for funding for the hiring of 120 new firefighters and led efforts to re-open two shuttered firehouses and five engines. He also successfully advocated for funds to fully staff the police department by the end of 2019 and invested millions dollars for new police facilities in northeast Philadelphia. To enable neighbors to assist neighbors in case of a medical emergency, Bobby also  provided CPR training for more than 2,500 Northeast Philadelphia residents


Anyone who lives in the Northeast Philadelphia communities of Tacony, Mayfair, Holmesburg, Lexington Park, Holme Circle, Ashton, Bridesburg, Wissinoming, Port Richmond, East Torresdale, Castor Gardens, Oxford Circle, Rhawnhurst, Bells Corner, Winchester Park, Academy Gardens, Pennypack and Frankford understands the negative impacts of Absentee Landlords. Bobby understands how Absentee Landlords can drag down home and property values of the surrounding neighborhoods. To combat the problem, Bobby introduced legislation to add hundreds of new Safety Inspectors to the City Department of Licenses & Inspections to hold absentee landlords accountable for their neglected properties and improve the quality of life for all residents of Northeast Philadelphia. Through his “Bad Neighbor Initiative” and the Problem Property Advisory Committee, Bobby has effectively worked to hold negligent property owners accountable and to address the eyesore of vacant lots and blight throughout the 6th District. He also invested millions of dollars into Northeast Philadelphia Parks and Recreation facilities to ensure that area families have safe places to run, walk, hike and play.

In his role as Chair of the Committee on Public Property and Public Works, Bobby helped lead the City of Philadelphia’s negotiation and adoption of the Cable Franchise Renewal Agreement with Comcast, which has expanded Internet access and adoption opportunities for low-income Philadelphians and seniors, increased resources for public access channels and provided for the creation of a high-speed network that has connected hundreds of City entities, improving the way the City provides service to its citizens.

To provide his constituents with easier access to an array of services, Bobby opened a District Office in northeast Philadelphia at 6730 Torresdale Avenue.


The father of two teenage sons, Bobby knows how important it is to provide our youth with a quality education and safe, productive alternatives to the streets. To that end, Bobby established a summer camp program for more than 6,000 Philly kids called “Philly Play”, which is designed to help kids lead healthier lifestyles. This acclaimed childhood obesity reduction effort encourages children to enjoy a healthy lifestyle through safe, fun play opportunities.


As co-chair of the Manufacturing Task Force, Bobby worked with business, civic and education leaders to create and implement a plan to expand the manufacturing industry in Philadelphia, especially in Northeast Philadelphia. These efforts helped secure hundreds of new jobs in the 6th District with the expansion of Dietz & Watson in Tacony.


As City Councilman, Bobby has passed legislation that strengthens regulations on bandit signs (eyesore in our communities), streamlined the zoning notification process, tightened demolition and construction licensing, and allowed residents to put trash out early.  He also worked on the first comprehensive re-write of the property maintenance code in decades.


In his first two terms in office, Bobby supported city-wide efforts to make the property tax reassessment system fair and equitable and to provide property tax relief to all Philadelphians.  As a result of these efforts, including the Homestead Exemption, approximately 90% of 6th District households saw a decrease in their property taxes.


Bobby supports quality education opportunities for all Philadelphia children. For that reason, he is deeply involved in the School District of Philadelphia’s plans to build and open a new, state-of-art K through 8 public school on the Mayfair campus of Lincoln High School. He is doing so to serve as the voice of the nearby residents and the parents of children who will likely attend the new school when it opens in 2020. Bobby is helping convene numerous community meetings involving impacted residents, School District officials and the development/construction team to ensure that the community has a say in the outcome of this important new school in the district.